About Us


Reception House Waterloo Region is a community-based organization that provides a warm welcome to government-assisted refugees (GARs) through a number of programs and services designed to make their new life in Canada a success.

These programs and services assist refugees throughout their settlement and integration process, allowing them to lead healthy and productive lives in their new community.


It’s our vision that all refugees to the Waterloo Region have a successful settlement experience, fully integrate into the Waterloo region, and become an accepted and welcomed member of the community.


Reception House strives to:

  • Provide temporary residence to government-assisted refugees arriving in Waterloo Region.
  • Deliver orientation, Life Skills support and other initial settlement programs/services as required by government-assisted refugees.
  • Assist government-assisted refugees in accessing essential community services/programs.
  • Support the integration of government-assisted refugee individuals and families into all aspects of community life after arrival.
  • Assist, where and when possible, other refugees when assistance and services are not available from existing community groups or organizations.
  • Educate the community about the needs and issues faced by refugees, and about the contribution they make to the community.
  • Act as a resource for Privately Sponsored Refugees and Sponsorship Agreement Holders as requested.