The“Working Together Employment Project” is a unique initiative to enable Government Assisted Refugees (GARs) to successfully obtain and retain employment. The project was piloted in August of 2018 to address both employment and language related needs. By delivering tailor-made language and vocational skills training on the job site, our aim is to create smoother pathways to employment for refugees who are job ready.

How the Program works:

  • Employment ready government assisted refugees are referred by their case manager to the Employment Team.
  • The employment team conducts a skills assessment and provides Canadian workplace culture orientations in the client’s native language.
  • Once the client completes assessment and orientation, they are referred for employment, to our employment partners where they receive on the job language support and additional mentorship.

Government assisted refugees are highly motivated workers with lots of transferable skills. Contact our Employment team to get connected to some job ready newcomers in our Region. Contact Manager of Employment Services, Bashir Shahbaz at bashir (at)

Project Partners:



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You can help!

We are recruiting employment partners to host on-the-job language and vocational training. If you are interested in becoming an employment partner, contact Bashir Shahbaz, Employment Services Manager.

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