Can you imagine navigating the pandemic without reliable wifi? Trying to attend school and submit assignments without a computer? Or sharing one device among five or more people in your household? Many of the refugees we serve are in this position, doing the best they can in an increasingly digital world without access to technology or the digital literacy skills to thrive.  

With the support of the Hallman Foundation – “Support the Pivot Fund” – Reception House is embarking on a new project to ensure that refugees arriving in our community have access to, and can make the best use of digital tools and technologies to improve their lives. 

Our key pillars are:

Technology Access
  • Providing portable wifi smartspot loans through Kajeet Wireless to families upon arrival
  • Distributing Chromebooks to families that experience financial or social barriers to settlement
Digital Literacy
  • Creating self-paced digital literacy modules that are easy to use and linguistically accessible
  • Focusing on digital topics and skills that will help smooth the settlement transition
Strengthening Internal Infrastructure
  • Ensuring our staff have access and training to the digital tools that make most impact
  • Support in adapting to a new hybrid model of work

This pilot is funded through April 2022. Stay tuned to our progress on Instagram, FacebookLinkedIN and Twitter. 

“Digital literacy is increasingly essential for refugees settling in our community – as health, education and community services have transitioned to virtual in response to Covid-19. This initiative will ensure refugee families have technology access and support to build their digital literacy from the point of arrival.” 

Kathie Must

Former Manager of Philanthropy

We are very grateful to the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation for recognizing the urgency of this work, and investing in newcomer families in our community. Stay tuned to learn more about our progress.  

Interested in learning more?

If you’re interested in learning more about this program or connecting with Reception House Waterloo Region, please contact

Marika Galadza, Project Manager, Digital Engagement


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