At Reception House, we serve many large families. Before families settle into their permanent homes, they stay at our temporary accommodation site at 101 David St for anywhere from 2-4 weeks. At this point, children are not yet enrolled in school, and often spend time waiting and tagging along as their parents complete paperwork, attend orientations and undergo other settlement related tasks. We make every effort to offer children at our temporary accommodation site an opportunity to just be kids – and for parents to get a little break! Through field trips, games and activities, volunteers help engage children to reduce parental stress.

Join our childcare support list. You can pick up shifts on-site either daytime or evening, to help with child-minding, offer support for outings and field trips or plan activities. Volunteers with some knowledge of additional languages are preferred. Children’s programming volunteers must undergo intake, orientation, vulnerable sector police check and reference check to ensure safety and success of the program.

To learn more about supporting refugee children, contact or complete our volunteer application.

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