Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program provides important, intensive and short term life skill orientations to high needs GARs after their arrival in the Waterloo Region.

Some important topics throughout Life Skills Orientations are:

  • How to use appliances in a safe and appropriate manner
  • Safe and secure dwelling space
  • Laundry and hygiene
  • Use of domestic and personal cleaning products
  • Canadian plumbing systems and use
  • Adjusting to life in a high rise apartment building (rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords, garbage disposal, recycling, elevators, safety, use of common areas)
  • Products and packaging and simple food preparation
  • Budgeting
  • Canadian cultural orientation

Other services includes:

  • Accompanying clients to appointments
  • Referring clients other valuable life skills supports that may help a GAR family or individual settle in the community
  • Accompanying clients in their search for permanent accommodation