A Place For New Beginnings

Our most important task is to ensure that our guests feel welcome, safe and secure in their new environment

Reception House Waterloo Region is a temporary home for government-assisted refugees. Every year, we assist approximately 250 refugees and migrants who are resettled in the Waterloo region. We provide a friendly, welcoming home for up to two weeks.

During their stay, our guests receive advice and hands-on experience on adjusting to life in their new country. We help each individual or family find a permanent place to stay, as well as assistance in registering for necessary documents such as OHIP and SIN, to become familiar with the Canadian banking system, and to have their language assessed.

Waterloo Region coordinates response in preparation to welcome Syrian refugees

The federal government has announced its plans to welcome Syrian refugees to Canada. Waterloo Region is one of six Ontario reception centres for Syrian refugees. It will receive more than 1,000 government assisted and privately sponsored refugees beginning in December 2015, with the majority of them arriving in January and February of 2016. These refugees will receive resettlement assistance in our community.

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